PECARN Network

Stack of BindersThis section contains the names of the principal investigators, nodal administrators/managers, as well as federal partners.


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Rachel StanleyPrincipal Investigator:
Rachel Stanley MD, MHSA
GLEMSCRN Node Principal Investigator
(614) 722-4555


Sherry GoldfarbNodal Administrator:
Sherry Goldfarb, MPH
GLEMSCRN Nodal Administrator
(734) 763-7488


Krista WheelerNodal Administrator:
Krista Wheeler, MS
GLEMSCRN Co-Nodal Administrator
(614) 355-7693





Photo Rich RuddyPrincipal Investigator:
Richard Ruddy, MD
HOMERUN Node Principal Investigator
(513) 636-7973


BabcockCo-Principal Investigator:
Lynn Babcock, MD, MS
HOMERUN Node Co-Principal Investigator
(513) 803-2956


Stacey Liddy-HicksNodal Administrator:
Stacey Liddy-Hicks BS, BA
HOMERUN Nodal Administrator
(513) 636-1951


CobbCo-Nodal Administrator:
Patricia (Tricia) Cobb, MS, CCRC
HOMERUN Co-Nodal Administrator
(513) 636-1732






Peter DayanPrincipal Investigator:
Peter Dayan, MD, MSc
PEM-NEWS Node Principal Investigator
(212) 342-4176


ShragerNodal Administrator:
Raquel Shrager
PEM-NEWS Nodal Administrator
(212) 305-4687


NolascoCo-Nodal Administrator:
Yakira Nolasco
PEM-NEWS Co-Nodal Administrator






ChunPrincipal Investigator:
Thomas Chun, MD, MPH
SPARC Node Principal Investigator
(401) 444-6882


RyanNodal Administrator:
Erin Ryan, MPH, CCRP
SPARC Nodal Administrator
(401) 444-9264





Nathan KuppermannPrincipal Investigator:
Nathan Kuppermann, MD, MPH
PRIME Node Principal Investigator
(916) 734-1535


Daniel NishimjimaCo-Principal Investigator:
Daniel Nishijima, MD, MAS
PRIME Node Co-Principal Investigator
(916) 734-1535


MaroisNodal Administrator:
Maria Marois, PhD, MPH
PRIME Nodal Administrator
(916) 734-0373





Eileen KleinPrincipal Investigator:
Eileen Klein, MD, MPH
WPEMR Node Principal Investigator
(206) 987-2708


Bonnie StrelitzNodal Administrator:
Bonnie Strelitz, MPH
WPEMR Nodal Administrator
(206) 987-2939






Principal Investigator:
E. Brooke Lerner, PhD- Chair, PECARN Steering Committee
CHaMP E-RNC Principal Investigator
(716) 645-9726



Nodal Administrator:
Adrian Hamouda
CHaMP Nodal Administrator
(716) 645-9704





Michael DeanPrincipal Investigator:
J. Michael Dean, MD, MBA
DCC Principal Investigator
(801) 587-7572


Sally Jo ZuspanProgram Director:
Sally Jo Zuspan, RN, MSN
DCC Program Director
(801) 585-9284


Melissa MetheneyAssistant Program Director:
Melissa Metheney, BS, BSN, CCRC
DCC Assistant Program Director
(801) 213-3587




Federal Partners

Diane Pilkey Nurse Consultant
Diane Pilkey, RN MPH
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)